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Christian T-shirts, Cards, Posters and Gifts from The Glory Site.

Christian Art Design Apparel Hoodies Hats Aprons Kids Infant Clothes and more.

Visit my Christian Site for T-Shirts, cases, notebooks and more from Artists at Cafepress and Zazzle.  Support the Artists.


I love creating designs of Christian T-Shirts, gifts, Cards and Posters. I have my my Christian Apparel designs up at my Zazzle online stores, Christian Acronyms and TheGlorySite. They take care of the ordering, printing and shipping of my designs. They have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.



All Wallpapers, Desktop Backgrounds, Graphic Designs, T-Shirt Designs copyright TheGlorySite.  Wallpapers are Free for Personal use.  Commercial Use not allowed. 

Let Us be Kind and Love One Another.  If you would like a special Wallpaper, T-Shirt or Card  with a favorite inspiration or verse please contact me and I will make you one. 


To God Be The Glory


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